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Grow Your Business

Is your marketing hitting the mark?


Is your marketing positioning you correctly?


Do you have a simple message that is clear?


Are your landing pages converting?


Do you fumble when asked what you do?


Does your company have a clear brand message that unifies your team?

Do you know the difference between Marketing, Advertising and Branding?

Branding = Values and attributes of company or product.
Marketing = Words that clearly communicate the values and attributes.
Advertising = The distribution of the words and core values.

How clear is your marketing message? Is it clear? Compelling? Is it working for you?

We care about every cent you spend on marketing your business.

Stop confusing the market
Start creating compelling marketing messages that

Positions you as an authority in the market
Generates a return on investment
Unifies your team

Where would we implement these marketing strategies?






Company Tagline


Sales Pitch




Signage or packaging

3 Things a BrandVoice will do for your company

"People don't buy the best products and services, they buy the products and services they understand the best."

– Donald Miller

Our process

How we get you started.

1. Book A Discovery Call

Get a full assessment on your current marketing infrastructure, and establishing goals and deliverables.

2. Create Your BrandVoice

Select the best solution that best serves your need. We will help you clarify your marketing message so that you stand out amongst the competition. 

3. Implement BrandVoice

Implement your BrandVoice strategies across multiple areas of your marketing collateral bridging the gap between your branding and advertising


Customers we have worked with...

Customer Success Stories

Barry Mitchell

“Dramatic increase in results increasing my lead generation by 150%-200%! If you’re looking for a team you can trust, you are looking at the right team!”

Daleen Pretorius

Marlon and his team at Focal Shift developed and delivered a tailored and cost-effective social media campaign. They answered all my questions, and left no stone unturned!

Meet your Creative Marketing Guide

Marlon August

Most businesses struggle to effectively position themselves in the market. Not just with outbound communication but internal too. As a certified StoryBrand Guide, I help you deploy marketing strategies that will help your business grow.

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Latest Marketing Content

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Story #teardown 1 Serena Williams Nike Ad

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