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Convert visitors into customers


Marketing messaging that sells


Grow your brand impact

You have a marketing problem when…


You need to get the word out


Your marketing message is confusing customers


The community around you isn’t what it could be


Is your website is not selling


The people you serve aren’t achieving everything they hope to

If you see a way to make things better you now have a marketing problem

Customers buy from brands that they understand the easiest.

Effective marketing needs repeatable systems that work.

People don't buy the best products & services

“They buy the products that communicate the clearest.”

Business Storytelling that sells

Marketing strategies that will grow your business

What makes us different

Clear Marketing Messages

Effective marketing is about using the right words to the right market in a clear manner so that they can easier do business with you.

Understanding Human Psychology

Story is a sensemaking device for the brain. Conveying marketing messages in a way the brain understands, means a higher likelihood of being remembered.

Eco-systems that work

Whether offline or online. Every business has and needs a sales funnel. A perpetual system to attract, nurture, convert and retain customers.

Give your business the storytelling advantage.

Here’s how it works.

1. Book A Strategy Call

Receive an audit of where you are, along with improvement suggestions.

2. Select a success plan

Select from our range of solutions to will help you achieve the result you’re looking for.

3. Implement & Launch

We execute according to the plan, tweak, and watch your business grow.


Select a package

Digital Authority Academy

Learn how to market yourself like a pro.
We host free and paid premium web classes and courses to help you own your industry.

Fractional CMO

Starting from
  • Everything in Story Advantage
  • In-depth analysis of marketing campaigns
  • Monthly marketing strategy
  • Email campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns

Your marketing should be a simple, repeatable process that grows your business.

We understand what it’s like to spend money on marketing that drains funds and yields no result.
So we help you implement marketing strategies that create a return on your investment.

Customer Success Stories

Barry Mitchell

“Dramatic increase in results increasing my lead generation by 150%-200%! If you’re looking for a team you can trust, you are looking at the right team!”

Daleen Pretorius

Marlon and his team at Focal Shift developed and delivered a tailored and cost-effective social media campaign. They answered all my questions, and left no stone unturned!

Lead Consultant

Marlon August

Most businesses struggle to effectively position themselves. Not just with outbound communication but internal too. As a certified StoryBrand Guide and 15+ years marketing various brands, I am trained to help business leaders deploy impactful marketing strategies that will grow your business and unify your teams.

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