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Becoming the <strong><em>Leading Authority</em></strong> in your industry shouldn't have to be rocket science!

Leveraging proven frameworks we help you craft messages that engage your ideal audience by building sales funnels that help your company grow.

Clarify your message so that more people can do business with you.

The problem business leaders will inevitably face is what to say and how to say it. Using the StoryBrand framework, a StoryBrand Guide we help you craft compelling marketing messages that can be used for all your marketing.

Begin with the End in Mind

Most experts suffer from what we call the “curse of knowledge”. Having an outside team help you to hone your message, plan the way forward and hold accountability. Can be the difference between good and great marketing campaigns.

Are you clear on your customer’s journey?

Most businesses are not clear on their customer’s journey. We help create that clarity be reverse engineering marketing objectives and creating inbound and outbound communications sales funnels that help your business grow.

The evolution of marketing.

A lot of business leaders apply the build it and they will come philosophy, which is why most launches or brands fall short. By creating a clear message to the right audience at the right time through a specific distribution channel can explode your results!

Free Guide

Get access to this guide and some undisclosed bonuses!

Our process

How we will get you started.

BrandVoice Session

In this strategy session, we will help you clearly define your client, the story you can feed them into and simplify your message so that more people will take action.

Select A Strategy

Building profitable online sales funnel is simple but not necessarily easy. It requires a combination of strategy, execution, monitoring, testing & tweaking. We either coach you to execute or we can do it for you!


Whether it’s launching a new brand, product or service. Our goal is to ensure your marketing campaigns have the best chance of making you a positive return. Monitor the metrics for tweaking or change what isn’t working.

Meet your Creative Marketing Guide

Marlon August

Most businesses struggle to effectively position themselves in the market. Not just with outbound communication but internal too. By filtering your brand’s message through story, we can create compelling content that sells. As a certified StoryBrand Guide, I help you simplify and clarify your message so that you can attract and retain the right staff. Also so that more people can do business with you.

Client Feedback

Our happy clients.

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs sell and generate income building businesses. In the last 18 months, Marlon and his team have assisted me in my lead generation. They have brought a dramatic increase in results increasing my lead generation by 150%-200%! If you’re looking for a team you can trust, you are looking at the right team!

Barry Mitchell

Uncovering Greatness, CEO & Lead Trainer

I recently had my first public training event to assist entrepreneurs in finding and connecting with the right customers, with money! Marlon and his team at Focal Shift developed and delivered a tailored and cost-effective social media campaign and generated specific leads for this event. They answered all my questions, and left no stone unturned! If you need to set up a social media campaign to bring tangible results and drive your turnover!

Daleen Pretorius

Outlined Agency, CEO

Our Services

Digital Marketing services for businesses who want to positively impact their business, have a return on their investment and grow. So we help you Build & execute marketing collateral that works for outbound and inbound communication.

Brand Voice Consult

Have 3 hour call that with our StoryBrand Guide to help you create clear and simple messaging so more people will do business with you.

Group Coaching

Looking for continued support? We host monthly group coaching sessions to help you continue to create messaging that gets results. 

Marketing Consultation

A 1-day strategy consult to help you revolutionise your marketing message, strategise the campaign and setup all the marketing collateral.

Sales Funnels Development

A Done-For-You option where we streamline your messaging  across all your online marketing collateral to completion.

Business Development

Consider us your Chief Marketing Officer. We help you build and develop your marketing message as your business grows.

Free Guide

Get access to this guide and some undisclosed bonuses!

Follow our Case Study Live!

Business Development for an upcoming medical doctor’s practice.

Starting up or scaling a business comes with its own headaches. The need for a clear plan is critical to developing a firm foundation for your business to thrive so we have been decided to help Dr. Sandy, who by Q3 of 2019 will rebuild her practice, reestablish her brand and build a successful practice. 

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Latest Marketing Content

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Story #teardown 1 Serena Williams Nike Ad

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Is PageRank Still Relevant?

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Is Your Website an Authority?

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