If your website is an authority, the world is your oyster, as they say. You
will have little trouble getting people to your website. Search engines
will reward you with page one listings and many times you’ll get the
coveted first result spot. So, the answer to all your traffic troubles is to
have your website become an authority, right?

Life is not that simple. Getting to authority status is going to take time
and there is never a guarantee that you will get there. It may take a bit
of luck as you’ll have plenty of competition. Does this mean you should
send up the white flags and give up your hopes of becoming an authority?

The good news is there are steps you can take to help the process further
along. The first step is to narrow the focus of your market. Instead of
trying to compete in the foodie space, try to compete in cooking
outdoors, such as grilling. If that is too competitive, then narrow the
focus even further. It could be cooking fish on a grill, and so on.
Eventually, you will find an area in your market that you can carve out
your authority.

Being an authority also requires having a higher level of expertise on a
subject than others. This means you need to be constantly learning to get
to that higher-level. One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions. If
you do that enough, you will eventually become the one who answers the
questions. When that starts happening, you can funnel those asking the
questions to your website. Make sure you have supplemental information
on your website to get them hooked on your knowledge. The more people
you get to return to your website seeking your wisdom, the more
authoritative that website will become.

It will be difficult to become authoritative when your website is sparse
with its content. Therefore, create consistent and frequent updates to
your website. Keep with the cycle of getting outside influence to come to
your website by continuing to answer questions followed by suggestions
to go to your website for more information. You can use social media to
find these outside influences or you can reach out to websites with a
similar theme as yours.

Time is your biggest ally when it comes to becoming authoritative with
your website. You do need to nurture the process and make sure you use
the above techniques to help along the process.

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