The StoryBrand Opportunity

Most business leaders struggle to talk about what they do. By participating in the StoryBrand Guide Training, I would be well equipped to use a communication framework that helps people clarify their message so their business starts growing again.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to assist me on this journey, being one of the first in Africa to be accredited in this revolutionary framework and to effectively use story with YOUR brand, creating marketing that sells.


What's in it for you

Be the first to have the StoryBrand Framework run thoroughout your organisation

1. I will implement the Framework for you.

I will come into your organisation and use my learnings to help you filter your marketing message. It doesn’t only apply to outbound communication but internal too.

2. Money paid back within 12 months + agreed interest

I understand that this is a risk but I want to assure you that I am dedicated to establishing myself as a marketing expert that generates positive results for my clients.

3. I have a plan

By connecting with various corporates, small and medium-sized companies. Our sales funnel starts with building the framework moves into consulting and the possibility of providing digital services on an on-going basis.

About StoryBrand Training

The Amount Required

Total Amount Needed for Trip (ZAR)

Total Amount Raised (ZAR)

Balanced Required (ZAR)

The Funnel

Projected Payback Schedule


We currently engaging with a list of 200 warm leads picked up at our most recent exhibit. We have 3 team members making 10 calls per day to sell companies into a StoryBrand consultation or into a lower cost 3Hr event where we will promote the consultation, mid to late March.

Dates: 15, 18, 20, 27 March
Goal: 3-4 Paid companies in the room at R3000 each

 Phase 2: After I am back from the training in May

Cold Calling

  • We have an up-to-date list of 1000 Corporate companies with employees of 200+ (Same calling schedule)
  • FB Ads promoting low cost events
  • Talks with various institutes and entreprenpeurial Trainers


Expected Revenue:

  • Min Goal is to close 1 corporate per month at R30,000.00 per month
  • 3-4 SME’s per month at R15,000.00 Each 
    Corporate: R30K per month
    SME: R45K – R60K per month
    Total Projected Income: R75K – R90K per month
    Total Expenses: R53K per month
    Total Profit: R22K – R37K per month
    Monthly Repayment: R12K – R20K Per month  

For the next generation of big businesses

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Plans and Pricing

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