All the biggest brands in the world are excellent storytellers and Nike are one of those great examples.

Many brands struggle to create engaging content around their products and services. So we in the first edition of #TearDown, we chose a Nike ad, to show you how powerful a story is and how using the StoryBrand framework to create a StoryBrand script applies to creating compelling stories that sell. This week we chose this excellent ad of a young Serena Williams practising and imagining playing and winning the US Open while doing drills with her father, who is also her coach.

Watch the video below as I explain the various elements of a StoryBrand Script and how it plays out here in this example.

A compelling story sells. Why? Cause we easily associate to story, we feel we can be apart of the characters journey. In fact, we imagine ourselves as the character on that journey who achieves the positive result. In this case with the right guidance you could also become a champion. 


Here is the entire ad if you would like to watch it without my commentary.